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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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To Horace Mann
visible: all the new ministry came and spoke to him ; and he had a long, laughing conversation with my Lord Chesterfield, who is still in opposition.
You have heard, I suppose, of the revolution in the French Court; Madame de Mailly1 is disgraced, and her handsome sister De la Tournelle2 succeeds: the latter insisted on three conditions; first, that the Mailly should quit the palace before she entered it; next, that she should be declared mistress, to which post, they pretend, there is a large salary annexed, (but that is not probable,) and lastly, that she may always have her own parties at supper: the last article would very well explain what she proposes to do with her salary.
There are admirable instructions come up from Worcester to Sandys and Winnington * • they tell the latter how little hopes they always had of him. ' But for you, Mr. Sandys, who have always, &c., you to snatch at the first place you could get, &c.' In short, they charge him, who is in the Treasury and Exchequer, not to vote for any supplies.
I write to you in a vast hurry, for I am going to the meeting at the Cockpit4, to hear the King's Speech read to the members : Mr. Pelham presides there. They talk of a majority of fourscore : we shall see to-morrow.
The Pomfrets stay in the country most part of the winter: Lord Lincoln and Mr. (George) Pitt have declared off in form. So much for the schemes of my Lady! The Duke of G-rafton used to say that they put him in mind of a troop of Italian comedians ; Lord Lincoln was Valere, Lady Sophia, Columbine, and my Lady the old mother behind the scenes.
LETTER 100.—l Louise Julie de Nesle (d. 1751), m. (1726) Louis Alexandra, Comte da Mailly, Commander of Gendarmerie.
2 Marie Anne de Nesle (d. 1744),
•widow of Marquis de la Tournelle; cr. Duchesse de Chateauroux, 1744.
3 Members for Worcester City.
* At Whitehall. It had been converted into the Privy Council Office.
X 2